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We are 7 Wayfinders!

Welcome to our blog! We are a happily married couple with five young children that decided to travel the world, month by month. We are working, homeschooling and living our family life while trying out new locations.

Come join us as we adventure around the world.

What To Pack for Full-Time Travel: Dad's List

What To Pack for Full-Time Travel: Dad's List

How do you divide up responsibilities in your house? As the mom, I’ve always packed for the kids. It’s just my thing. This has become a little more intense as we took it full-time, but I am still primarily responsible for it.

To balance this, Chris has taken on most of the tech role. See our tech list for all of Chris’ favorites!

Dad packs a lot less than mom (no surprise here) and frankly, most dads would never consult a blog list for recommendations. In case you are a wife to a guy that wants to full-time travel and are curious what to recommend, here you go!


  1. Shirts. 4 t-shirts are perfect. Also a zip-up long sleeve shirt when weather is a bit cool.

  2. Shorts. Chris loves this brand and has 2.

  3. Pants. 2 pairs. One pair from this brand and another light, breathable pair. Chris likes this one from Nike.

  4. Swimsuits. 2 different brands.

  5. White collared shirt and tie

  6. Hush puppy flip flops. This is the only brand so far that doesn’t hurt with lots of walking and Chris is a flip flop snob!

  7. Nike shoes. 2 pair. Chris has these shoes in midnight navy/white/university red and this tan pair!

  8. Basketball shorts

  9. Workout tops

  10. Socks.

  11. Collared polo

  12. Underwear

  13. Belt

  14. Baubax jacket. Sweetest travel jacket ever!

Other gear:

  1. Electric shaver. For his beard and head.

  2. Hat

  3. Sunglasses

  4. Leslie’s lingerie- LOL. For real though.

  5. Cologne. Sometimes when you are really sweaty, it’s nice to smell nice.

Worldschooling: Homeschooling As We Travel

Worldschooling: Homeschooling As We Travel

What To Pack for Full-Time Travel: Tech List

What To Pack for Full-Time Travel: Tech List